Search Engine Optimization is one of the easiest things you as a website owner can improve. All it takes is creating content. Think of Google like a library, and your website is a book. When people search for what they want, they used what are called “keywords” that you have to optimize for. Creating quality content (ie. a blog post) is important because the more you use your keywords, the greater you will improve your SEO. RaddTech does not provide SEO as a service at this time. However, we do build for and advise our clients about the best optimization practices.

But I have a lot of quality content (keywords) throughout my website!

And you’re still not showing up in Google? Well, in that case there may be something wrong with your site’s code, or there may be ways to structure your content more effectively so that Google can index your site better.

If you don’t have keyword rich content on your website: It will be more cost effective for you at this point to start creating some quality, valuable content that will keep your users engaged. A study by found that the top 5 ranking factors for Google are:

  1. “Direct Website Visits”
  2. “Time on Site”
  3. “Pages per Session”
  4. “Bounce Rate” (How many people leave without visiting another page)
  5. “Top Referring Domains” (How many HIGH DOMAIN AUTHORITY sites link TO your site)

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