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SEO: What is E-A-T? Page Quality, and More!

Search Engine Optimization is all about getting to the top of Google. Part of that means sharing quality content with an audience that engages with it. But what defines "quality" content? Google's 168 page Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines (SQEG) tell us that Google ranks "Overall Page Quality" based on Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T). Making sure that your main page content is descriptive and beneficial will ultimately help sell yourself and ensure that page visitors read and engage with your content. A June 09, 2020 update from Google themselves details its ongoing battle against spam in our search results, so let's make sure that we don't fall into that category.

Brag a Little

How do you show expertise? A great portfolio? An educational degree? Experience? Google's AI can read and understand these things, but only if you share it. Don't be afraid to cite why you are an expert in your field! For example: I have been developing software for about a decade, worked with pretty much every modern programming language available, and have experience using many different CMS, Add-ons, and Database technologies. It really helps here if you have positive reviews that can contribute to your site having a "Good Reputation".

Be Descriptive and Add Value

What separates content? When reading a guide or tutorial what makes one better than another? Attention to detail and clear communication connect a content creator with its audience. The search crawlers pick up on this. They know the difference between a bunch of random words and intelligent, descriptive sentences. It's not enough to just use keywords you want to rank for either. You have to provide them in contexts that Google determines to be valuable. As evidence of this: sometimes in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS) Google will actually choose the text it wants to show from your page instead of the description provided in the meta tag.

Invite Users to Visit and Engage

Did you know that Google keeps track of how long you're on a site and the clicks you make? This is because most webmasters install Google Analytics, which stores all of this information and uses it to determine if a user's experience was a good one. Remember, Google wants you to find the answer you're looking for when searching for something. This is why its search engine service accounts for over 90% of the market share.

Need Help Creating Quality Content?

RaddTech does more than just develop custom software. We can help you show up better in Google's search results by providing technical and creative SEO support. Request a quote now and a representative will reach out to schedule a meeting. Make sure if you haven't already to subscribe to our newsletter below for updates on the latest tech news and innovations.
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